Poker Story

How a friend turned $15 into $1200

(Now expired) "Back in late January, I met with VCPoker $ 12 no deposit sign up bonus. I tried it and played at the penny tables 0.01/0.02 earn coins. Slowly the bankroll to $ 20 with a few hiccups along the built-in way. After a week I got bored and win small prizes went to the .25/.50 tables. bankroll again faltered, but went to $ 60 when I placed third for $ 36 on their 300 + $ 50 Raked Hands Freeroll played in only 50 people.

I always bought into the minimum at each table, so I have great pot odds all the time when I was drawing. Even if I had the dominant hand, she felt inclined to think all-in call because there was not much more to it as the bankroll grew to $ 150 until mid-February

I cashed out $ 100 and built the $ 50. When I look at the .25/.50 table lossed, I went to the .50/1.00 later and quickly to the 1.00/2.00 and 2.00/4.00 to make even the losses. Fast-forward to be redeemed at the end of March, I start another $ 150, with $ 125 in my account. Even with $ 250, without a cent, I felt like the burning of the $ 125 at the 5.00/10.00 table so I could brag to my friends that I made it there at least.

Of course it was stupid to bring only $ 125 to a table stacked with people with 10-30X my money, but I was lucky enough to be successful after all luck is a key element while playing video poker. Down to $ 80 quickly, I all-in with A 10 on a raggity overcards flop. I take up a $ 230 pot to Ace because someone called with A 5 and another folded the winning hand. I cashed out another $ 100 and played the $ 130. Not to mention, I have won over $ 250 from the clearing of 25% up to $ 100 bonus to win the aforementioned $ 300 50 + raked hands freerolls.

While playing the $ 130, I was up to $ 70, but miraculously quadrupled to a $ 310 pot with AQ (I still can not believe no one had taken a couple) to win. Paid off over $ 200. My train came to an end in mid-March, when I lossed to $ 200 with KQ AK pair of kings.

Well run, I take no other and build a bankroll so again. Currently I am holding in tournaments have been great to me freeroll. Up to $ 225 a month. My current online income is about $ 1200 after 3 months with no down payment. "

All out of nowhere

"A few months ago I started an account on any poker room. I began to play their freerolls, and accumulated about $ 15. I had a foolproof (almost) strategy, which seemed to work pretty well. Ready for the best poker the game my life, I bought a $ 5 SNG and won. After a few solid games, I was up to about 190 $.... all from NOTHING !!... No deposit, only freerolls.
Pretty proud of myself, I bought a big bottle of Crown Royal with pipe dreams of that $ 190 to fund my future.
I woke up the next day in bed with my girlfriend. "Last night you asked me to marry you." She says, giggling. With a dry mouth and foggy mind, I reply, "Did you say yes?" (Knowing full well that none of us have any plans of marriage for a long time). She says: "No, I was too busy to laugh when you told me we had a future sells farm machinery after you fell in the bathtub". I sighed and went to fetch a glass of water, then sat down at my PC. Fuzzy visions of Kamikaze plays to the fore again in my head started when I logged into my account ....
Current account balance: $ 1.93 Available
All that hard work down the drain .... But at least I'm not married and push tractors !!!!!! LOL!
Do not play poker drunk ... They are not harder when you're juicing, and you sure as hell is not it better when people read and calculate pot odds.
A lesson learned, hope you find joy in myself inflicted punishment, because I'm finally able to. "

We wait for your stories :)

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