How to Make Money Playing Online Poker

All online Poker players have dreams of hitting it big. Some have aspirations of becoming professionals eventually, and having the opportunity to retire from their day jobs. Others just want to feel the rewards of a game that has the opportunity to play big. No matter what your future aspirations, you have to start somewhere, so here are some tips that all players can apply in order to try and start making money by playing online Poker!

Make a time commitment – to really make money at online Poker, some patience is required. Players might spend a lot of time participating in freeroll tournaments and other games before they start making money that’s equivalent to their goals. You should set realistic expectations about how much you’d like to make playing from online Poker and then learn how to juggle the time versus the money you desire. Keep in mind that regardless of your time commitment, playing Poker is not like going to a 9-5 job where you make money just by showing up. There can be days and weeks where you walk away with nothing to show for it! If you sit down at a Poker table hoping to walk away with the rent money that’s due tomorrow, it probably won’t work out in your favour!

Set your limits – in order to really make money, you need to be strict with your money and set a budget. Of course, when playing Poker you have to bet money to make money, but if you’re too focused on simply getting a win it’s easy for your betting to get out of control. Decide how much you can spend on playing Poker daily, weekly and monthly, and no matter what happens, stop once you’ve bet that amount. If the idea is to make money, you don’t want to walk away in the red because you got too caught up and let your gambling get out of control!

Try out multi-tabling – there are some players that have success simply playing at high-stakes tables; but that can also mean high-stakes losses. Some of the more successful players choose less pricey tables and play multiple at the same time to increase their changes of smaller wins that add up together to make a bigger bankroll, and also face smaller losses when all their money isn’t in one pot!

Look at one game at a time – sometimes new players make the mistake of predicting how one game will go based on what happened in the last one. Just because they chose to fold on a hand in one game doesn’t mean that they should do the same in the next. Sure, there are basic rules and strategies that all players should follow, but you’ve got to enter each game with a whole new mindset and look at things from a new perspective.

Increase your skills – depending on the game of Poker that you’re playing, skill comes into play along with luck. Refine your strategy by playing and reading articles about the game. Even visit a Poker room that offers instructions from the pros. Hit the tables, even without putting money on the line on occasion to practice and get a better feel for the game. There’s never a guarantee, but increased skill can only improve your chances of a big win!



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