Beginner’s Guide to Online Poker

Online Poker is a great pastime for people around the world, and it’s growing in popularity day after day. By now you must have heard about some of the more popular sites, when seeing ads online, talking to friends or family, or when watching Poker events on TV or live in person. Getting involved in the world of online Poker is pretty straight-forward, and for those looking to get started here is a basic beginner’s guide for online Poker.

Find a reputable Poker room – the first step to playing Poker online is to find an online Poker room. There are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, players need to find one that is reputable. This can be determined based on word of mouth, independent reviews, and most importantly, licensing. Poker rooms must be regulated and follow laws based on a country that they’re licensed in. American players also must understand that no online Poker rooms are licensed in the US due to laws.
The next step in finding a Poker room is to find one that meets your specific needs. Read reviews, ask friends and browse the websites of various Poker rooms to see which ones have the most desirable features. Welcome bonuses, software provider, tournament schedule and more are all things that new players should look at to determine where they want to start playing online Poker

Register an Account – in order to play at any online Poker room, new players need to register an account. This will require them to provide their contact details and create their own unique username and password. At a reputable Poker site, all information is protected with software systems that are encrypted in the same way that online banking sites are. This is another reason why it’s important for players to research any Poker site that’s new to them. After registering, players will have to download the software if required by the site.

Choose a deposit method – in order to play for real money at an online Poker room, players need to choose a deposit method. Electronic deposit methods are the most popular and include Neteller, Moneybookers and more. These work somewhat like the financial transaction site Paypal that many people are familiar with but they specialize in providing services for online casinos. Electronic deposit methods are safe and secure and allow players to make transactions immediately. In order to fund their electronic deposit accounts, a credit card or other option can be used.
To make a deposit, players can also use a credit card. However, many credit card providers do limit the amount that players can deposit at a gambling site or may not allow transactions at all. By using an electronic deposit method as a third party, there are no limitations.
Wire transfers and money drafts are also accepted at many online Poker sites. However, typically for deposits and withdrawals, there are not immediate transactions.

Pick a game – at online Poker sites, all sorts of Poker games are available and they can vary from one online Poker room to the next (though many of the most popular are available everywhere). Those new to Poker can start with the more simple varieties like Texas Hold Em which is also extremely popular, or they can move onto games like Omaha, 5 Card Draw and more!

Learn the basics – with all Poker games, there are some basic concepts players need to learn like the value of each card and the hand rankings

Get playing and refine your strategy – as players get a better feel for the world of online Poker, they can refine their strategy and learn more about the game. They can also start off by playing against other beginner players and then eventually start playing against tougher opponents which can challenge them further and help them develop new skills.