Turbo tournaments have becomed very popular on online poker sites. You can find turbo, super turbo and extreme turbo tournaments on almost any online poker site.


As you guessed, turbo SNG tournaments take very little time, so they're looking for people who do not have much time to spend in front of as a screen.


Now, these tournaments can be quite difficult to play, as the blinds are growing very fast, so you need a strategy that differs from the standard strategy for SNG tournaments.


Basic strategies for turbo tournaments


It is not impossible to win such tournaments, the only thing you need is a little luck, considering that the blinds are growing very fast. This is because you have to apply the short-stacked strategy much of the time to such tournaments, which means that many decisions will be all-in or fold.


There is not much to talk about the post-flop game, and after the first levels of blinds, you will not have much to do once the flop has been shown, as it is very possible to go all in before the flop. So, having a good strategy in playing turbo tournaments, you need to know the good preflop selection and be in a good position to go all in. It can be quite frustrating to risk so many of your front chips so often, but this is how these tournaments play.So when you decide to make a raise be sure that your card is worth it.


No doubt you will have a pretty big variation in these games, so do not expect to get results after playing just a few tournaments. You will have to play many of these tournaments to make sure you finally say you've been able to make money from turbo tournaments.


The strategy from the beginning


- Avoid getting into pots without meaning


- Play only good hands


- Do not be surprised if you see strange actions from your opponents at first


In the start-up phase of these turbo tournaments you will have the chance to play a normal poker game because the blinds are still small compared to the front chips. This will only hold 2-3 levels of blinds.


However, at this stage, it is useless to try to steal blinds because this will prove to be useless once you advance into the tournament. If you have a strong hand it is good to make a big raise and hope to catch someone with a weaker hand than yours and to force him to put as many pots in the pot. It is not good to mess with small pots at the beginning of the tournament.


It is certain that time passes so quickly in these tournaments, players are already set to "gambling" throughout the tournament, and will be able to risk all the front flips even when the blinds are still small. So, every time you catch a pretty good hand, you can ask yourself if you're willing to risk all your chips in front of that hand.


The midfield strategy


- You do not have much strategy to apply here, so get ready to put yourself all in with a good hand


- Do not try to play weak hands, just play strong hands


Like any other turbo tournament, it's very important to have your hands on your mind. At this stage, an average stack is only 7-12 BB, so you do not have much before you get your all-in pre-flop.


Generally, if you enter a pot, you must have the intention of risking your entire stack in front. That's why you have to choose your hands so you can get all-in with your best hand, most of the time.


You can apply the "stop and go" strategy. This means that you pay the raise of an opponent, only with the intention of placing all in on the flop, regardless of the cards entering the flop. If you call him only pre flop, then you put all in on the flop, chances are that your opponent throws your bet on the flop, which would not have been possible if you were all in before the flop.


Final Tournament Strategy


- Play aggressively and do not be afraid of this style of play


- Take advantage of players playing tight


- Often you will miss to end up in cash, but do not let go. Always search for # 1


When you have only 6xBB in front, you'll need to apply the following: all-in / fold. Most likely, there are very few players left in this stack, so you should increase your range of cards with all-in.


Do not be afraid to get all-in because you are in the bubble position because you can take advantage of many players who adopt such a strategy and therefore play tight.


If you are not afraid of eliminating, you can win a fairly large number of pots, which will give you a pretty good advantage after getting cash.



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